• GEWA ITALIA Convention 2017

    Sarnico, Lago d’Iseo (Italy) – Gewa Italia held the annual convention on the 12th and 13th May on the shores of the beautiful Iseo Lake, all surrounded by a magical landscape. This meeting is always a good opportunity for strengthen links and create new sinergies between associated companies and partners. […]

  • New President in GIE SIELE

    France, GEWA: On the last 16th March, during the fench group General Assembly, the new President for the group was nominated: Mr. Jean-Michel Freymann will lead GI SIELE. GIE SIELE counts currently with 26 associated distributors, being the first choice for the independent wholesalers in the french market.

  • 62nd EUEW General Convention

    The EUEW General Convention is the biggest yearly event for European wholesale electrical industry, with a numerous participation of producers. This year the Convention has a three days programme (1st to 3rd June), official session and social programme included.   The EUROPEAN UNION OF ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS (EUEW) is a 15-nation […]

  • Congratulations to Nou Grup

    Spain, GEWA: On the 24th November 2016, our Spanish member, Nou Grup celebrated the 30 ANIVERSARY of the Group in Madrid. Around one hundred attendees associates and partner suppliers shared this celebration. The President of Nou Group, Mr. Jordi Blasch pointed out the importance of he human factor in such […]

  • ABB’s 125th Anniversary

    ABB, Zurich – On the 20th October, our spanish member, Nou Grup, was invited to the gala cebration of ABB’s 125th Anniversary in Zurich. It was an honor for the President of GEWA, Mr. de Paz Casero, and Nou Grup’s President and General Manager, Mr. Balasch and Mr. Servat, to […]

  • AIEW Trade Show

    UK, GEWA: Associated Independent Electrical Wholesalers (AIEW) held its 2016 Trade Show and Dinner at the Four Pillars Cotswold Water Park Hotel on the 8th of October 2016.  AIEW and members met at the annual Trade Show with 50 trade stands representing AIEW’s partner suppliers. With a variety of competitions, […]

  • El-Plus merges, GEWA’s member in Poland

    GEWA, Poland : End of 2015 the three group shareholders: El-Plus, Elektro-Holding and Elmega decided to merge. The merger consisted in the accession of Elektro-Holding and Elmeha shareholders to El-Plus Limited Liability Company. The name of the new group was kept as El-Plus. The company currently operates from human and […]

  • GEWA Italia elects new President

    Our Italian member: GEWA Italia elects new President. Giobatta Chiappori (67), the owner of EF90 wholesale company, member of GEWA Italia and President of the Board of Global Electric GEWA S.L. – European Purchasing Group, succeeds Fabiana Petrosino (F.E.P./Rom) as President of Gewa purchasing association in Italy. GewaItalia works in […]