Month: November 2022

  • GEWA, Spain: Nou Grup and the 50. anniversary of Prysmian: Afumex®.

    Nou Grup attends the 50th anniversary of the Prysmian Group and its Afumex® Technology, September 2022. Afumex® Technology is a benchmark in the market, leading innovation, safety, efficiency and sustainability. A technological and sustainable solution, in continuous evolution, to respond to the needs in terms of safety and fire performance. […]

  • GEWA, Poland: Megacennik by EL-Plus

    Megacennik’s release with new look and functioality by EL-Plus. EL-Plus is one of the largest groups of electrotechnical wholesalers in Poland and the owner of the MEGACENNIK brand: MEGACENNIK is a modern, fast search engine for electrotechnical products with direct ordering of goods from distributors in the group throughout the […]