Mission, Vision and Values

Authentic Know-How and Diversity. GEWA respects the diversity offered by its partners to learn through sharing their experiences and local knowledge.

For distributors, GEWA representation means EU , EU business management , EU marketing and information sharing, EU platform … GEWA opens the doors of Europe for Its members.

GEWA: Local- Global Bridge. Global-Thinking and Local Development.

Global- Evaluation and Local- Implementation.

GEWA means a Network of Small and Medium size Businesses that offers added value and contributes with timely and local Feedback. GEWA designs a diversity of projects to enhance the knowledge about the Key Supplier´s offer, solutions, services and products.


Create value for stakeholders, constructing a solid development basis for our associates and sharing our know how and organization potential with key partners..

The mission is realized through  the expansion of the number of associates in Europe and generating profitable activities for all stakeholders, specially enhancing the cooperation with preferred suppliers.


GEWA is a market reference. GEWA manages operated markets, becoming a supplier of value and profitability for all stakeholders.


GEWA is a Network of Small-Medium size Enterprises that offers suppliers real added values and local feedback. GEWA undertakes projects to enhance its suppliers´ product presence.