NOU Grup is positioned as one of the leaders in the Spanish market of electrical materials distribution, it was founded in 1986 and offers the know-how of an extended experience.

Nou Grup is currently made up of 50 associates and 100 branches, with Mr. Jordi Balasch as the current President. Mr. Manuel de Paz Casero, member of the board in Nou Grup, is the current PRESIDENT OF GLOBAL ELECTRIC GEWA.


Gewa Italia, Italian distribution group as a result of the merger of Codime (co-founder of GEWA) and Eurage on the 1st January 2008. They count with more than 20 years of experience in the Italian electric distribution market.
As Gewa Italia, they are 12 associates and 47 branches; the group is currently led by Mr. GioBatta Chiappori as President. They are currently starting a new project with the collaboration of  TED Group.


AIEW Ltd. brings the largest number of distributors in the UK, with continued growth, strengthening its presence in the domestic market. AIEW has 110 members and 120 outlets.

AIEW, coordinated by Mr. Andy Gardner, assures members the ability to be competitive in all market segments, without giving up their independence and benefits.


The Union of Electrical Wholesalers El- Plus (Ltd ) was established by the initiative of highly reputed  Polish companies in the electrotechnical market, who have the knowledge, experience and capital to ensure financial security. After the merge of 3 national groups, El-Plus, led by Mr. Maciej Zaniewski as President, counts with 30 associates and 182 outlets. They intend to keep the number of partners and concentrate on qualitative growth and optimal relationships with both manufacturers and clients.