Covid19 protection

July 2020, Spain – Coronavirus crisis makes us take a lot of control on the use of tools and daily objects in our working routine. 

Therefore, the Gewa’s Spanish Group, Nou Grup, decided to give support sending sterilizer boxes to distributors and workers. Different partner suppliers collaborated in this marketing action, this time, focused on the safety of workers.

The sterilizer box adopts advanced UVC disinfecting technology, can break the molecular structure of DNA ribose rapidly, can kill the pathogens on mobile telephones, keys or other metal and plastic tools comprehensively, evenly, fast and efficiently. The use is simple, fast and convenient. Once the cover is opened, the ultraviolet lamp is automatically turned off, and the ultraviolet leakage is no longer worried.

The sterilizer box with a USB interface in the box is easy to charge your tool when disinfecting.