GEWA at EUEW2021

18th and 19th November 2021 –  GEWA attended the EUEW ANNUAL BUSINESS  CONVENTION that took place in Barcelona.

As usual in this Convention, updating the market position, looking forward and enhancing the network between distribution and manufacturers were the main goals of the event.

Worldwide known speakers offered new visions and perspectives to optimize the business and efforts towards a well done and better world. Always keeping an eye to the new technologies, alternative practices at the forefront of the green and digital transition.

The members of GEWA took also the chance to meet with some partner suppliers and strengthen the communication and business relationship with them. The president of GEWA and the Spanish member (Nou Grup)  face-yo-face and the polish (El Plus), Italian (Gewa Italia) and UK (AIEW) members online keep on looking forward together with the partner suppliers and offering accessibility to new conversations and opportunities of business.

Mr. Casero (President of GEWA), Mr. Balasch (President of Nou Grup), Mr. Servat (Secretary of GEWA and Manager of Nou GRup).