GEWA Italy: GewaItalia and TED Group starting a common project in the italian country.

The GEWA ITALIA scpa Consortium, currently made of 13 independent distributors of civil and industrial electrical material and lighting sector, shares with the TED Group the vision of the current market change, or the convergence of the electrical and IT sectors.

Under a current period of test, this collaboration with TED Group plans to integrate and spread two cultures that are so different but at the same time so close as the electricity and plumbing and heating sectors. “This dialogue must be finalized by all of us in order to develope new interesting commercial opportunities, without losing sight of the important objective of reducing certain management costs for both groups.” Words by Mr. Gio Batta Chiappori, president of GewaItalia. Michele Caterino, CEO of TED Group adds “The road has already been traced, TED and GewaItalia share a path to develop the synergies and opportunities of their Members and Partners”.

This is just a start, we wish GewaItalia a great and successfull way together with TED Group.