GEWA, Spain: Nou Grup has new President

November 26, 2021. – Nou Grup celebrated the 35th anniversary of the group and Mrs. Gloria González (manager of Legomar SL)was announced as the new president of the group. Mrs Gonzalez showed her satisfaction for the trust placed and, although she had been on the board for several years, she greatly appreciated her personal enrichment and professional learning in these years. She pointed to the great challenge ahead of distribution, in terms of sustainability, digitization and specialization, which should be vehicles that should help consolidate the group. She also had words of gratitude to Mr. Jordi Balasch, outgoing president, for his dedication and effort, which brought Nou Grup to a very respectful position in the national scene.

As a host, Nou Grup received the economist and writer Mr. Fernando Trías de Bes, who gave a realistic vision of the current situation in the post-covid era. His words were very critical with communication management during the pandemic. He pointed out that the origin of the crisis was not economic, but health and for this reason, he focused on an optimistic vision based on objective data.

Mrs. Gloria Gonzalez (current President Nou Grup), Mr. Jordi Balasch (ex President Nou Grup), Mr. Alex Servat (manager Nou Grup).