GEWA Spain starts 2021 with positive attitude!

January 2021, Spain – The context is everything but favorable and however, our Spanish associate NOU GRUP brings us positive news!!
NOU GRUP started the year adding 4 new distributors: TESLA MATERIAL ELÉCTRICO, EBREQUALITAT, PALHER SUMINISTROS ELÉCTRICOS, S.L. and SUMINISTROS ELÉCTRICOS MTP, S.L. Two of them are located in the center of Spain which will bring more strength and presence for the group in the capital of the country. GEWA wishes them all success together and offers all support to their development.
Moreover, NOU GRUP introduces their new website to all of us:
This is an interactive platform, with updated news of all our distributors, manufacturers and the information about the current Spanish market. The new website offers: Responsive design, adapted to all dispositive; dynamic functional and intuitive web with private channel for the associated companies, available search of the distributors through name or area, accessibility to partner suppliers and the latest news of the group and the Spanish market.
Have a look to the presentation:

With such a renewed and positive energy, we wish NOU GRUP and all associates of GEWA the best attitude for this year!!