About Us


GLOBAL ELECTRIC GEWA , the European group of Independent Electrical Distributors was founded in July 2005.

The founder groups had over 20 years’ experience in its markets (Spain and Italy). Good understanding and a shared vision of the European market, as well as major synergies, allowed a common commercial development.

GEWA established its Central Office in the city of Barcelona (Spain) .

In 2006, the independent group extended GEWA’s representation to France.

United Kingdom became part of the group in 2007 and Poland joined in 2010.

In 2013, GEWA is represented by a new group in Spain, becoming nowadays the one that shares Head Offices with the international basis in Barcelona.

Year after year, the electrical supply wholesaler industry tended towards an oligopoly, in which only the big plays a decisive role in the market. However, GEWA believes in the importance of the independent and small-medium sized distributors, which brings an added valued from the long-term local experience. Good understanding and creation of synergies is the basis of GEWA’s daily work.




Co-founder of GEWA in 2005. Over the years CODIME managed to do what other Italian groups failed so far: a combination of dynamic and successful wholesalers that has been gaining credibility and influence on the Italian market.CODIME

With an annual turnover of 520 million Euros in 2005, became the fourth largest purchasing group in Italy. As the result of the merge of CODIME and EURAGE, a new and stronger italian purchasing group arised: GEWA Italia, is a strong bet to looking towards the European market.


Co-founder of GEWA in 2005: Orpissa was a reference group in the field of electrical distribution in Spain, with a level of turnover of 300 million Euros/year. “Orpissa wanted to be known as a leading purchasing group which ensures beneficial and priceless alliances with the most significant national and international brands of the market”.