• GEWA, Spain: Nou Grup and the 50. anniversary of Prysmian: Afumex®.

    Nou Grup attends the 50th anniversary of the Prysmian Group and its Afumex® Technology, September 2022. Afumex® Technology is a benchmark in the market, leading innovation, safety, efficiency and sustainability. A technological and sustainable solution, in continuous evolution, to respond to the needs in terms of safety and fire performance. […]

  • GEWA, Poland: Megacennik by EL-Plus

    Megacennik’s release with new look and functioality by EL-Plus. EL-Plus is one of the largest groups of electrotechnical wholesalers in Poland and the owner of the MEGACENNIK brand: MEGACENNIK is a modern, fast search engine for electrotechnical products with direct ordering of goods from distributors in the group throughout the […]

  • GEWA, Spain: Nou Grup has new President

    November 26, 2021. – Nou Grup celebrated the 35th anniversary of the group and Mrs. Gloria González (manager of Legomar SL)was announced as the new president of the group. Mrs Gonzalez showed her satisfaction for the trust placed and, although she had been on the board for several years, she […]

  • GEWA at EUEW2021

    18th and 19th November 2021 –  GEWA attended the EUEW ANNUAL BUSINESS  CONVENTION that took place in Barcelona. As usual in this Convention, updating the market position, looking forward and enhancing the network between distribution and manufacturers were the main goals of the event. Worldwide known speakers offered new visions […]

  • GEWA Spain starts 2021 with positive attitude!

    January 2021, Spain – The context is everything but favorable and however, our Spanish associate NOU GRUP brings us positive news!!NOU GRUP started the year adding 4 new distributors: TESLA MATERIAL ELÉCTRICO, EBREQUALITAT, PALHER SUMINISTROS ELÉCTRICOS, S.L. and SUMINISTROS ELÉCTRICOS MTP, S.L. Two of them are located in the center […]

  • Covid19 protection

    July 2020, Spain – Coronavirus crisis makes us take a lot of control on the use of tools and daily objects in our working routine.  Therefore, the Gewa’s Spanish Group, Nou Grup, decided to give support sending sterilizer boxes to distributors and workers. Different partner suppliers collaborated in this marketing […]

  • ABB Experience

    November,2019. Spain – ABB brought together a total of 150 executives from the distribution channel in the fifth edition of ABB Experience. Once more, Nou Grup, as a Good partner player in the distribution, was there. This is the annual meeting that the company organizes with distribution companies of electrical […]

  • 25th Aniversary of the Convention Hager-Nou Grup

    On June and as usual, a new edition of the traditional Convention held by Hager and Nou Grup was held. This year was quite special, since we talk about a tradition, which is already 25 years old. During these days, the relationship between the members and Hager’s delegates is reinforced, […]

  • Nou Grup, Spain, reorganizes internal structure.

    January 2019 (Barcelona) – The Spanish member of Global Electric GEWA, Nou Grup (42 wholesalers with 120 branches) has started the new year with a reorganization of the executive board. Mr. Jordi Balasch (manager of Electro Tarr distributor, Catalunya) remains as President of the organization. He is also member of […]