GEWA, Spain: Nou Grup and the 50. anniversary of Prysmian: Afumex®.

Nou Grup attends the 50th anniversary of the Prysmian Group and its Afumex® Technology, September 2022.

Afumex® Technology is a benchmark in the market, leading innovation, safety, efficiency and sustainability. A technological and sustainable solution, in continuous evolution, to respond to the needs in terms of safety and fire performance.

Nou Grup, with along tradition of distributor of this brand, is invited to commemorate its history, its origins, from Pirelli to Prysmian to the union of forces of the Prysmian Group, with the integration of Draka and General Cable.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of our Afumex® technology is a good time to think, what inspires us to be who we are?