GEWA, Poland: El Plus and The Megacennik Experience.

Megacennik: a great “search+order” e-platform.

EL-Plus, as one of the largest groups of electrotechnical wholesalers in Poland, can be proud of MEGACENNIK.
This is a modern search engine for electrical goods with direct ordering of products from the Group’s dealers throughout the country, a request for quotation submission tool, and outlet sales at extremely attactive prices;
English version is already available with all updated e-commerce technologies delivered to customers, with the newest offers and promotions. You will find the possibility of submitting inquiries and buying in the outlet at super attractive prices.

Remember: 587 PRODUCERS = 2,336,132 PRODUCTS = 86,953 AVAILABLE IN STOCK

Search, Ask, Order and Buy electrotechnical goods through a MEGACENNIK Experience!!